Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Welcoming "Me" to "My Life"

I am back and this time with a bang ( hopefully). I had been busy...there was always something or the other on my mind, in my hands, around me, over me and within me to pre-occupy "Me" and hence, distract me from engaging in writing activities.......something I always wanted to pursue as a lifelong occupation ( not profession, really )...something which is the crux of "My Life". I am not as prolific and knowledgeable a writer as my dear friend Urooj Malik, but I too want to use ink and paper and not face and voice to etch my thoughts, ideas, suggestions, and grievances about life into our very own words. And what could be a better medium than researchbasedarticles.blogspot.com to do just that ? So sit back and I beg you to not crouch before together we embark on a journey through and across a narrative, yet to be named. I would appreciate if you all kindly encourage me to stick around for a longer time this time, at least for the narrative's narrator's sake....I badly need  your duas and wishes to help me don the writer's cap for as much as my narrator of the story desires. I leave you here.....

By the way, any guesses for who the narrator is? 


It is...

Yours truly, 



  1. hmmm....so good to see you dear.

    Good Luck with your promises....


  2. Welcome back and we know you have great capacity to think and write about issues as challanging as Ibne Arabi and Shams Tabraiz. Keep writing and you would catch up with your friend Urooj Malik :)

  3. Sadia, thanks for coming back and I am waiting for some stuff from your side to have an enjoyable reading.

  4. I had forgotten I had posted here a while back, if it weren't for the gentleman who posted after me I would have surely forgotten completely. Keep reviewing . Though it would be nice if i got the answers to my questions, it would save me from actually having to read the entire book. :D